Factual Information of Hengyi Aisin-Gioro

June 1990 Personal Art Exhibition, New York

Jan-Feb, 1990 Joint Art Exhibition of Four Artists, Zhuhai, China

Feb 1992 First Award in “National Calligraphy and Paintings Contest”

March 1993 Seven Paintings selected by “First National Exhibition of Famous Contemporary Painters and Famous Artwok”, which was held in China History Museum, and later added to the collection of the museum

July 1993 Judging Panel for “National Young Artists Calligraphy and Paintings Contest; Meeting US University Women’s Association and gave a talk on the technique of Chinese Paintings and History of Chinese Art

Sept 1994 Guangdong TV shot the feature report “A Princess in Common Clothes”, which was in the air both with CCTV, and various local TV stations

Oct 1994 Personal Art Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Singapore

Jan 1995 Board member, China Film and TV Art Association

Feb 1995 Vice-Chairman, Association for Manchurian Calligraphers and Painters, China Institute for the Studies of the Art of Calligraphy

Jan-Feb 1995 Dharma Award for International Art Contest held in South Korea, with the participation of artists From America, UK, France, Japan, China, Korea, Italy, etc.

1996 Certificate of “Woman with Distinguished Achievements in the World” from Cambridge International Who’s Who Bio Center

1996 Certificate of “500 Outstanding Women of the Century” from ABI Who’s who, USA

1996 3 Paintings added to the collection in Inner Mongolia Museum, China. The Director of the Museum, Shao Qing-long wrote an article “First encounter with Hengyi”

1996 2 paintings collected by Folklore Museum of Chilechuan, Inner Mongolia, China

1996 One painting collected by Arrap Museum, Inner Mongolia, China

March 1996 Personal Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan

Apr 1997 2 paintings collected by Ye Jian-ying Memorial, Guangdong Province, China

1997 Beijing TV Feature program “When Famous People was Young”

Aug 1997 Researcher and professor, Inner Mongolia Museum, China

Jan 1997 Beijing TV feature program “Weather-Tempered Princess”

1994—1999 Novel “A Century of Turmoil”

Feb 1999—Present Immigrated to America

March and May, 1999 Personal art exhibitions, New York

May 1999 Princess Art Center

Mar 2001 Personal Art Exhibition and Singing Performance, Ride University, New Jersey; Adjunct Professor, Ride University, New Jersey

May 2001 Lectures, Lucent Technologies

Oct 2001 Lectures, American Women’s Association

Mar 2002 Lectures, Edison High school, New Jersey

May 2002 Chinese Central TV, New Jersey feature report

2002 Princess Art Center developed into US-China Culture and Art Promotion Center

1999—Present Art Instructor, Hua-Xia Chinese School, New Jersey

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